Community Compound/ 嘉義縣新港鄉公所新建工程競圖

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      This site is located on the very horizontal Jianan-Plain and adjacent to Hsin-Kang FengTian Temple, which is one of the most important villages of Mazu culture in terms of religion in Taiwan. The whole idea is driven by a drama-Lcgay-directed by Lin Hwai-Min who is born in this very village and Mazu religious culture, one of the most well-known religion of Taiwan. This drama not only describes the 400-year migration history of Taiwanese people but also shows Mr. Lin’s very own emotions regarding Home-this Plain and Taiwan.

      The planning idea goes on with the Formosa Strait. Those massing gathered around a traditional courtyard adjacent to the existing farming ponds representing the strait where leads to the street towards the monumental Axis of the Temple. Those modularized blocks accumulate from the boundary of the village in the west and dive into the Plain in the east and also become a connected green roof, which provide a vertical exercise path rather than horizontal for the elders. underneath this roof, there are several ally looking paths lead to village and point at several major Mazu religious areas, such as the origin Mazu across the strait, Hsin-Kang FengTian Temple, Bei-Kang ChaoTian Temple, Dajia ZhenLan Temple etc. Those circulation paths not only illustrate the direction of Mazu religious areas but also link local memories here.


     基地位於台灣平坦的嘉南平原上,鄰近三大媽祖廟聚落之一的嘉義新港奉天宮周邊,主要構想來自於當地仕紳 林懷民透過在地情感以唐山過台灣的歷史來詮釋對家園情感的舞蹈劇-薪傳為發想與媽祖故事為脈絡的想像,企圖以地景方式使建築體隱身在諸羅山-嘉義的平原裡,亦藉由模矩化的盤旋堆疊,為這高齡化的宗教聚落提供不同於水平象度的垂直性休閒、散步的屋面平台。


  • Status:
    Finalist 2nd Place
  • Design Period:
    Feb. 2019
  • Location:
    Chiayi County, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Community Office Compound
  • Proposal Area:
    5200 sm
  • Budget:
    130,000,000 NT