Oldtown Scattering/ 桃園市大溪圖書館新建工程

Oldtown Scattering 00
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      The ideas of this project come from the meandering alleys of the oldtown, the stepping plateau and the river bed in terms of geographic texture. The massing arrangement starts from rigorous and organized stepping blocks shifting to random and scattered cluster appearance as kind of interpretation regarding geographic imagination. Furthermore, corner walls of those blocks shift again to form various gaps in different directions which brings in lights feeling like shuttling along the alleys.


       Those stepping blocks literally follow the existing datum and align with the buildings nearby along the main street in an urban perspective of view. On the other side, those random blocks separate again to represent more variation and organic appearance facing oldtown in the north and allow the maximum light inside the building.


        The space organization is based on the occupancy intensity and moving through main vertical core located by a 20-meter recessed entry plaza in the south-west corner which also connects the service corridor leading to the pedestrian boulevard the other side. On the other words, this meandering path connects both sides of the streets as a short-cut along with community office, meeting rooms and vertical core, also a 200-people community center aside.








  • Status:
    Permit Phase
  • Design Period:
    Aug. 2019~Current
  • Location:
    Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Library and Social  Complex
  • Proposal Area:
    3850 sm
  • Budget: