Shading Camouflage/ 桃園市龍慈活動中心新建工程

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      This site is located in-between an 8-hectar park and a 30-meter wide boulevard. The fundamental idea comes from hundreds of local farming ponds, trees on this site, military camouflage, a special local food- rice noodle of this region etc. The main strategy is following the shading texture around site by bringing more shadow to the space inside, on the other hand by manipulating the stripe roofs to generate more shadows, which helps the building to blend in this military campus in terms of camouflage.


The scattered and mountain looking roof facing towards the nature surrounding in the east, so that those roofs expand widely like hills and plateau along the profile of trees surrounded in terms of a nature and horizontal point of view; on the other hand the rigorous street-house looking blocks facing towards the urban boulevard in the west which shows continuity along the street and provide more activities facing the pedestrian.


This weaved and scattered roof not only represents as landscape looking shape, but also a layer of fissure and lattice to generate shadows and exhaust heat for space beneath so that the shading texture can expand towards the trees outside, and an insulation canopy above the massing along the street to reduce exposure to the sun and provide a better climate controlled barrier for the main shading court in terms of energy saving strategy.






  • Status:
    Permit Phase
  • Design Period:
    Aug. 2019~Current
  • Location:
    Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Activity Center
  • Proposal Area:
    1850 sm
  • Budget:
    90,000,000 NT