Shading Concourse/ 國立台灣大學心理系空橋新建工程

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       The idea comes from the interpretation of “Psychology” regarding the characteristics of ambiguity between physical behaviors and mental phenomenon, or the binary relativity in-between mental and physical.


One of the major elements is “Möbius loop” which is representing the ambiguity through its own special geometry character regarding inside and outside. The other major element is the geometry meaning of circle and ellipse, since their shape get similar and similar through offsetting through time.


The loop looking shell represents the “Möbius loop” which is not only shown as a “Form Resistant Structure” but also as the shading device facing the sky and the west as an integral structure. The plan geometry is intertwined by a circle and an ellipse to generated a proceeding and resting path around the major tree which is planted while the buildings were built, therefore the concourse become will connected with the symbolized tree and become a activity hot zone of the plaza.






  • Status:
    Construction Phase
  • Design Period:
    Sep. 2018~2019
  • Location:
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Circulation Concourse
  • Proposal Area:
    200 sm
  • Budget:
    12,000,000 NT