Conch Roots/ 海螺文化園區競圖

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     The main idea of proposed project is coming form the ancient traditional local fishing methodology of this surrounded Hakka, Taiwanese beach seine and Conch shell as well. The beach seine represents the collaboration sprits in the Coast Hakka culture, and especially represents the living style of Hakka people along this beach where their ancestors landed. Conch represents the symbol of fishing harvest and eagerness of Hakka people bless fishermen and visitors who are coming through the harbor.


     The building literally is manipulating the cavities of conch structure inside and shape in correspondence to her own landscape, surrounded winds and the harbor as well. The curving conch floats in the sky and dives into the horizon of this harbor entry where their ancestors land nearby during the ancient migration period to represent a landmark of an new home to Hakka people. The massing geometry is divided into several blocks in sequence as a metaphor of the emotional migration history in terms of correspondence to different programs, performance abilities, façade expression and material configuration.


     提案主要想法的脈絡來自於客家人古老、獨特的捕魚方式 - 牽罟與象徵祝福的海螺為規劃構思基礎,牽罟是海系客家族群特殊的生活方式,更而言之象徵著客家人合作、團結、共享與環境共生的精神,而牽罟必備的海螺則象徵著魚獲豐收、客家人的好客與對進出漁港的船家傳達著象徵式的祝福 - 平安出門、歡迎回家。





  • Status:
  • Design Period:
    Sep. 2018
  • Location:
    YongAn, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Cultural Exhibition complex
  • Proposal Area:
    2500 sm
  • Budget:
    245,000,000 NT