Family Villa/ 桃園 家族自宅新建案

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     The idea of planning and space organization comes from the imagination of family reunion during yearly festival. The Massing organization is surrounded along the family yard, which represents a traditional Chinese Architecture courtyard and represents the idea of co-living, sharing and union. The special cartoony looking house is prepared for close friends and provides an impressive and rural imagination of being at the countryside as well. The dwellings inside are also organized around main family living area by elevating partial of the floors to maximize the most adjacencies in order to reduce the feeling of being separated by different stories.

     The misplacing tube looking mass outside the facade is stacking up one above another to provide shading balconies, to reduce the sun heat from the west side, maintaining the best view to the west and providing planters where the tree has shading purpose as well and reduce the temperature while the winds flow through the bedroom nearby in terms of microclimate condition. The basic internal organization is a void wind tunnel, living room and family room, facing southwest where the wind comes into the building through the green balcony in hot summer. Basically speaking, the project is trying to give a relax rural vocation experience through the owner’s farming property next to the site, the cartoony looking vocation house and green elements by bedroom units.






  • Status:
  • Design Period:
    Sep. 2017~2019
  • Location:
    Xinwu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Family Residential
  • Proposal Area:
    850 sm
  • Budget:
    95,000,000 NT