Legend Playground/ 新竹 五峰國民小學改建

Ledend PlayGround 00
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     The idea of planning and space organization comes from the legend of native tribe regarding where their ancestors come from. The Massing, space organization and color graduation connecting their land soil and the sky represents a metaphor of guardian and protection from tribe sprit. The different massing texture illustrate different age of groups, one of them is fortitude expression for elementary school and the other one is kindergarten which is relative random, nature misplacing in-between the existing trees. The massing organization not only provides a secure, enclosed and independent playground for kids but also represent the metaphor of guardian and protection through the different massing expression.

     The playground is the kindergarten itself by misplacing, shifting the massing blocks in different elevations to create more variation of spaces through building heights, voids and brings more tree images into space, also intend to illustrate a rock feeling space inside where the kids study, sleep, and represents where they live within the legend of their tribe. The continuous roof path not only provides a playing path for students between classes but also connects the kid’s playground below through the vertical trees and becomes several playing zones around it.  The roof path also represents the clouds around the irregular roof blending into the mountains surrounded becoming an integral poetic landscape of the region, and also becomes part of kid’s memories in school.







  • Status:
    Construction Phase 
  • Design Period:
  • Location:
    WuFeng, HsinChu County, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    School Campus
  • Proposal Area:
    850 sm
  • Budget:
    32,200,000 NT