Perforated Council House/ 金門縣 社會住宅競圖

Perforated Council House 00
Perforated Council House 01Perforated Council House 02
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     Kinmen was once full of greenery since emerged from the ocean, and once a barren soil during its industrial development; it was once the peace of paradise during the wartime, and once in the living circumstances where all kingdoms fight to dominate her for centuries. All the unique living styles, cultural and industrial aspects as known now were based on these environmental, geological conditions over time. 

     This proposal is generated from the ideas of coexistence with her landscapes and environments which inspired by organizing and interpreting the variation of textures of Kinmen in different scales from geological fissures of the island, the red soil of landscape, the mimic military fortresses, the brick stacking techniques, the sorghum brewing industry through the crystallization of salt industry. This proposal also intend to manipulate the spatial texture of the traditional brick house while stacking up all the units vertically by organizing the space sequence on the way home along with the ideas of sharing views of green balcony to interpret the aspects of traditional yard house around this region.

     The first impression of this building is perforated and graduated in color through soil red to photovoltaic/ roof black; also seems emerged from the red landscape of Kinmen. The colors represent the pottery technique of Fu-Kao-Dun culture from pre-history period, the intertwined stacking units generate caved voids as front-yard for every unit; over all the building looks like the unique landscape element, the perforated Mao-Kong Stone, and gives an imagination of connecting to Kinmen its geological and environmental texture. The massing splits and forms a fissure cladding with pottery-red bricks as an entry corridor leading to the entries both sides of the building, which also connects the public park in the north and main pedestrian to this block in the south. The relative recessed elevator's balconies/yards both sides along the entry corridor going up and sharing greenery views in every other floors, which not only presents an actual sensational texture of traditional yard house, but also interprets the possibility of the yard in a vertical organization.





  • Status:
    Competition Susp.
  • Design Period:
    Oct. 2014
  • Location:
    KinMen, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Condominium Buld. 
  • Proposal Area:
    30,000 sm
  • Budget: