Scale the Pixel/ 臺北市立美術館 小。大展覽空間

Scale the Pixel 00
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     The exhibition layout comes from the idea of “pixel” which influence our daily life in current 3C era dramatically. It is an easy concept such as navigating your smart cell phone or tablet PC with your two fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out the screen; it happens every single day in our daily life but not much people think of the relative notion and possibility of extension and scaling the space while navigating those daily used devices. 

     This proposal expects that the visitors and especially kids could aware the relative connection between small, big and space in this cubic world by manipulating the depth, visual experience of spaces and the perception of scaling through a very single element, the cubes.


















  • Status:
    During Exhibition
  • Design Period:
    Dec. 2015~ Feb. 2016
  • Location:
    Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Kids Exhibition 
  • Proposal Area:
    800 sm
  • Budget:
    N/A  NT