The Calligraphy Hak-ka/ 新竹縣東興國中學生活動中心競圖

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    The proposal is inspired by the migration history of “the Hakkas” over the past 1700 years since the Wei, Chin, Northern & Southern Dynasties through the last migration during the end of Qing Dynasties , and the origin of Hsinchu described by poets regarding her landscape and life of this area before colonized by the Japanese. The project intends to represent the Hakka aspects through a poetic Chinese calligraphy by interpreting those poems, imagination of landscape, and the Hakka essences that we lean from history and documentaries.

    The idea of calligraphic landscape represents the idea of cosmopolitan while looking back the migration history; the landmark aspect of Hakka printed cloth, one of the most common recognized Hakka cultural image, represents entering and leaving the Hakka region through color recognition while approaching the building from different directions along the main greenery of the city.

   Those ideas and intentions of calligraphy are turning into several architectural techniques by visual experiencing of bending surfaces, shaving surfaces, multiple layers of spaces and composition of colors, which are metaphors of the movements, rhythms, intimacy of intertwining and expanding of calligraphy, and turns the building into part of landscape so that the basketball court would surrounded by greenery underneath forest. 

    The composition of the building not only poetic but also integrated with practical conditions, such as bringing the wind into the building by manipulating the landform of seating area and canopy roof. the stair landing setting back vertically to introduce more greenery to the court and more activities along the boundaries of the building.














  • Status:
  • Design Period:
    Aug. 2015
  • Location:
    HsinChu City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Sports Facility 
  • Proposal Area: 6000 sm
  • Budget: