Wax Stone Building/ 基隆市 暖暖區黃蠟石展示館競圖

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    Nuan Nuan District located in the middle-up stream of Keelung River where has its own special landscape characteristics, river pothole and Wax Stone, both caused by the volcano and Keelung River over hundred thousands years. The Wax Stone was crystalized from sandstone and the coated Iron Oxide was polished by River over times; the River Pothole was elevated from the eroded bedrock formed in the past thousands years. The intention of this project is trying to interpret the special possibility between architecture, River Pothole and Wax Stone in terms of architectural conformation and space organization.

    The 3-dimensional perforated arcade attached aside the building not only representing the variation of River Pothole, but also provides the variation of transparency while moving along the building to represent the characteristics of different texture of Wax Stone and different types of River Pothole in terms of special organization. The elevated entry represents a formal sensation of archaeological and protecting notion by taking advantage of the tilted site condition to emphasize the value of these local geological elements; the followed linear visiting circulation not only describe the formation of the geological matters, the foundation of this organization, but also leads the visitors towards the actual riverbank to visit the Rive Pothole preservation area nearby.       






  • Status:
    Finalist, 2nd Place
  • Design Period:
    May. 2014
  • Location:
    Keelung City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Museum/ Exhibition Building 
  • Proposal Area:
    900 sm
  • Budget: