Shading Reef Residential/ 屏東內埔 礁岩住宅

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PingTung has a close imagination related to the ocean; the intention of this project is to represent the special texture of Coral Reef through architectural languages and the un-forgetful sun lights of the southern part of Taiwan. The graduation mosaic over the building massing provides the floating background of in-between; the lower portion of the building massing dives into the ground, and the upper portion connects to the blue sunny sky of the PingTung horizon, and relatively these balcony grills look like stand in between the sky/ the ocean and its ground. However, the L shape balcony grills not only have multiple layers of the building façade to present the Coral Reef but also give the vivid visual and spacial texture of Coral Reel by taking advantage of the various lights, shadows, and shades through time. The residences here will feel like fish shuttling in the reef grills while walking on the L shape balcony and they provides better living quality by furnishing privacy for this community where the units facing to one another along the street.










  • Status:
    Construction Complete
  • Design Period:
    Jun.~Aug. 2012
  • Location:
    PingTung, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Residential Buld. 
  • Proposal Area:
    2,500 sm
  • Budget: