Riverbank Residential/ 屏東潮州 水岸住宅

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    The building site located in the horizon of PingTung Plain surounded by mountains three sides and facing the ocean to the west in south part of Taiwan. The citizens were migration from China during Qing dynasty. In order to memerize where they were from regarding to their culture and landscape of their hometown; they named this place exactly the same name of where their home was. on the other hand, the PingTung plain itself is already surrounded by the landscape in their imagination in a geological terms. The appearance of mountain of the building stands on the plain humbly in  a historical way, which not only represents the origin of people and culture here, but also merges into the beautiful horizon of PingTung Plain. 











  • Status:
    Construction Complete
  • Design Period:
    Jul.~Sep. 2012
  • Location:
    PingTung, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Residential Buld. 
  • Proposal Area:
    2,500 sm
  • Budget: