KL Administration Building/ 基隆市中正區行政大樓競圖

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    There are three volcano groups in Taiwan, among them Keelung volcano group is the most special and remarkable. It forms the best natural condition for Keelung harbor and generates the most valuable minerals- GOLD for this region and once called the gold city in Asia producing 2 tons of gold per year during it’s remarkable mining period, which were never happened to the others, Datun and Penghu volcano groups. Those minerals were generated deep underneath the crust by volcano activities and revealed due to the geological activities, crust uplifting and erosion, during the past one million years, which had the region blossomed into a gold dream paradise of mining in northern part of Taiwan. Therefore, from the industrial and geological point of view, Keelung and the remarkable mining industry and memories are un-separable.

    Keelung was once called the Asian gold city never sleeps, the mountain never turns dark and the treasure island of Asia; the movies, A Borrowed Life, Dust in the Wind, and Hill of No Return were describing the culture and life of the region during it’s remarkable era; the life, space patterns and living experiences nowadays are turned into design materials and become architecture and space. We are pursuing the soul of this building which representing the mining history, life and culture through our researches of this area and investigation of design concept. This building and space represent not only the image of GOLD, but also represent the perceptual memories of life of this region which belongs to this particular site and community.



   在那風華、特殊的年代基隆地區被稱為: 不夜城的亞洲金都、不熄燈的礦業山城、東方遐想中的”金銀島”乃至於到膾炙人口的電影多桑、戀戀風塵、無言的山丘等等...這些歷史生活上的集體記憶,與現今基隆多丘陵地而衍生的空間紋理、生活經驗,將如何成為設計的素材轉化成建築也是設計思考的方向。透過對環境的觀察與設計概念的探討,我們希望能透過基隆過往黃金、礦業的風華餘溫轉化為設計的主軸與建築的靈魂,將採礦的故事、生活與金礦重現在這特殊的基地上,藉由區域行政中心的金礦意象,不僅提供區域性洽公行為,更讓民眾集會、相聚,藉由建築與空間來體驗過往風華一時的--金礦餘溫。














  • Status:
    Finalist, 3rd place
  • Design Period:
    Jul. 2012
  • Location:
    Keelung, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Administration Buld. 
  • Proposal Area:
    7,000 sm
  • Budget: